NOFA-NH Alliances

NOFA-NH aligns with many of New Hampshire’s most active and renowned organic farmers, producers, markets, distributers, programs, educators, associations and fellow non-profits.

Through our collaboration with MainStreet BookEnds in Warner, NH, we bring together incredible authors with a vast array of knowledge on relevant topics at our annual Winter Conference, further engaging our community through book signings at our conference’s Green Market Fair. This year, MainStreet BookEnds worked with NOFA-NH and participating authors and conference presenters to showcase the books of Phillip Ackerman-Leist, Will Bonsall, Ross Conrad, Andrew Mefferd, Dr. Daphne Miller, Michael Phillips, George Heilshorn and Nathan Searles. This important alliance adds so much value to our winter conference, its attendees and community each year.

Since 2013, NOFA-NH has participated in NH Gleans with partners Seacoast Eat Local, NH Farm to School and the Seacoast Gleaning Coordinator. NH Gleans is a network of organizations working to increase the availability of fresh and local produce distributed to food pantries, soup kitchens, community suppers and schools throughout New Hampshire. A network of gleaning coordinators harvests food from farms and farmers markets that would otherwise go undistributed or unsold, and donates that food to partnering community organizations. Our alliance with Seacoast Eat Local and NH Farm to School enables NOFA-NH to provide gleaning services throughout the seacoast area of our state. Last year, Seacoast Gleaning Coordinator and volunteers collected 17,620 pounds of food that was distributed through the NH Gleans network of 85+ community partner organizations.

NOFA-NH’s alliance with Concord Food Co-op benefits both organizations’ members and the community at large. Through this alliance, NOFA-NH provides discounts to Co-op members on our programs such as bulk ordering and conferences. In turn, the Co-op aids NOFA-NH in fundraising and outreach for pro-grams such as our subsidized Farm Share Program. Concord Food Co-op and its farm Shaker Organic Gardens are a Farm Share Program partner. Last year, the Co-op and Shaker Organic Gardens were one of 8 certified organic NOFA-NH member farms that provided subsidized CSA shares to 40+ low-income NH resi-dents.

In 2017, NOFA-NH worked with NOFA-VT and NOFA/Mass to organize a series of rallies for the Keep the Soil in Organic movement. We continue to explore The Real Organic Project, and hosted project leaders Dave Chapman, Roger Noonan and Michael Phillips during a panel discussion at our 2018 Winter Confer-ence. Upholding and educating the public about soil health remains one of NOFA-NH’s primary policy initiatives.

We also collaborate frequently with our neighbors, NOFA-VT and NOFA/Mass. Our work on the NOFA Cost of Production Project resulted in the publication of 8 robust fact sheets outlining the cost of production of vegetable crops commonly grown in the Northeast. The factsheets support farmers’ production plan-ning and assists them in increasing the profitability of their farm businesses. These resources have been immensely valuable to NH growers.

Much like soil microbes and mycorrhiza interact to create rich tilth and healthy plants, our alliances enable NOFA-NH to enrich our community and carry out our work.