The National Green Pages: Green Your Life, Green the World (annual publication)

review by Alan Eddy (member of Green America since 1983, active in NOFA since 1986)

Green PagesI know what you are thinking: “I don’t want to READ ABOUT sustainability, I want to DO SOMETHING.” I feel the same way. Well, the good news is that there is something you CAN DO — right now, without writing to Congress and without waiting for the next election.

The National Green Pages is an annual publication and also a website — GreenPages.org, produced by the activist membership organization Green America, active on a wide front of environmental and social justice issues, such as clean energy, regenerative (organic) agriculture, fair labor practices, and non-toxic chemicals. It was formed in January 2009 by the renaming of Co-op America.

When you join the organization, you can opt for digital or hardcopy delivery of their publications: the annual National Green Pages (128 pages of green businesses) and the quarterly newsletter Green American.

The National Green Pages itself is a treasure trove of green businesses trying to grow the green economy. You can vote with your dollars by patronizing these businesses. Don’t take my word for it — explore the website and see what is there: GreenPages.org.

Organic farmers can compete with organic agribusiness by selling directly to organic consumers through our own distribution networks. Green America is an umbrella organization of dozens of local and regional networks. There are also many businesses that sell nationwide online or via mail order.

Informational articles in the 2019 edition include: “Hundreds of Tips to Green Your Home and Life,” “Find Safe Cleaning Products,” “How to Go Green on a Budget,” and “Invest for a Greener World.” Green America has evaluated 8,000 businesses and promulgated 42 industry standards for green enterprises.