We’ve Got Our Policy Work Cut Out For Us

Thanks to an outpouring of support from Members responding to the End of the Year policy funding appeal, the NOFA Interstate Policy Program is alive and functioning, albeit on a part time basis. More support is needed, however, as you’ll see below.

Trump Agenda
Now that we’ve gotten an all-too-clear look at the details of the Administration’s and Congress’ self-serving political agendas – it’s plain to see that much of what NOFA has stood for and worked on since our beginnings in the early 1970’s is under full frontal assault. Many hard fought advances in organic and sus-tainable agriculture, good food availability, environmental protection, health care, climate stability, social justice, and personal freedom are now targeted by a slew of special interests who are now powerfully placed at the top.

Clearly we have our work cut out for us – but we are not alone. As a founding member of the National Organic Coalition, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and the Northeast Sustainable Working Group – NOFA is working regionally and nationally in combination with Chapter work in our seven states. NOFA-IC also recently strategically broadened our affiliations – becoming a member of the newly-formed Organic Farming Association, the National Family Farm Coalition and the HEAL Food Alliance.

The good news is that huge numbers of citizens across the country are roused to resist and reverse these mean-spirited top-down initiatives. Fact is, under our government’s built-in separation of powers those signed Executive Orders are just piles of paper until they can be implemented and/or funded by Congress and carried out by agencies.

Thanks to the 2015 and 2016 policy grants from Farm Aid, our Chapters are building effective working relationships with their Congressional delegations. And here in the Northeast, anyway, many Members are not only really listening for once but are looking for support and alliances with activated concerned citizens.

What we can do
This is where NOFA members come in as we put together a coordinated resistance to the agendas. As one of the oldest organic food and farming organizations in the country, NOFA has earned the public’s trust in leading the way forward. Same as feeding your children and weeding your garden — supporting our state NOFA Chapters, participating in policy alerts and calling your elected officials needs to be on your regular to-do list.

Additional support is also needed for Interstate NOFA Policy. Due to retrenchments from some of our traditional business supporters – the current Policy Coor-dinator compensation only covers 13 hours/week, although the workload remains just as heavy. And although much of the policy work takes place by email and conference call – travel costs to Capitol Hill fly-ins and face-to-face national coalition meetings around the country have increased significantly.

Thank you for considering an individual contribution – we appreciate member support of our important policy work!! If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation please write your checks to the NOFA Interstate Council c/o Treasurer Julie Rawson, 411 Sheldon Road, Barre, MA 01005.